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About Human Resources Directorate


The Human Resources Directorate carries out the staff personal procedures, as well as the immigration, health and work permit procedures for the international staff, and in-service training organisations for the administrative staff members. The Directorate performs its services under three sub-divisions, namely Personnel Affairs Unit, In-service Training Unit and Documentation Unit.


The fundamental mission of the Human Resources Directorate is to supervise the University staff regarding different applications and procedures, guide the administrative personnel in terms of career plans, deal with the personal and institutional problems of the international staff members and contribute to the adoption of the institutional identity by staff members.


The vision of the Human Resources Directorate is to introduce measures with the aim of increasing staff members' productivity, help the adoption of life-long learning as the institutional policy, ensure the harmonisation of the rules and their applications, create a healthy working environment where job satisfaction regarding social security is at the highest level and, last but not least, to contribute to the overall success of the University. 

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