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About Services

  • Preparation of the Academic and Administrative Staff's salary statements.
  • Preparation of the statistical information about the staff.
  • Organisation and application of the in-service training programs.
  • Organisation of the orientation programs for newly employed staff members.
  • Carrying out the staffing work for various units in accordance with the relevant by-law.
  • Electronic document management system.
  • Preparation of the promotion and harmonisation work and their presentation to the commission.
  • Carrying out Academic and Administrative Staff's personal information procedures.
  • Revolving fund operations, all personal information procedures for the administrative staff and workers
  • Taking part in commissions relevant to the staff personal procedures.
  • Carrying out the employment, immigration and residence procedures for the international staff members and their families.
  • Staff identity card preparation.
  • Preparation of the staff personal records, being in charge of their distribution and monitoring procedures.
  • Contract preparation and follow up procedures.
  • Carrying out procedures for staff leaving the University (clearance form).
  • Preparation of the announcements for job applications, receiving and following up the applications.
  • Business Card Procedures.
  • Monitoring the operations of the staff employment commissions.

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