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Rules and Regulations for International, Course Based, Special Contracted Academic Staff

Published Date: Friday, 9 February 2018

Rules and Regulations for International, Course Based, Special Contracted Academic Staff

Student Work Permit (New Registration)

  1. Valid student immigration permit (ex: 30/09/2016 – 30/09/2017) (Information: Registrar's Office)
  2. Student certificate
  3. Passport validity period
    Required Procedures:
  1. The student work permit and student immigration permit terminate as of the graduation date of the student. Termination procedure is realized in the Department of Labor by the employer within 21 days.
  2. Upon the graduation, a student is expected to complete the procedures on the cancellation of student immigration permit from Ministry of Internal Affairs, Nicosia by providing the approved diploma and, finalise the student work permit cancellation procedure at the Center for Work Permit.
  3. If the student goes abroad without a diploma prior to the graduation date, and returns to the island before the termination date of student immigration permit, s/he can enter the island with a tourist visa by providing a temporary graduation certificate at the airport.
  4. Students are required to leave the country latest within 2 months from the date of graduation.

 Student Work Permit (Formerly Registered)

  1. Students should apply to the Directorate for Personnel Affairs prior to taking office with an academic timetable, a valid student permit, a student certificate and a valid passport.
  2. A contract is prepared as of the start date specified on the requirement request form taken from the Department of Labor, and student work permit is granted.
  3. If the student resigns from duty at the end of the academic semester, s/he is required to cancel the Student Work Permit in Nicosia Center for Work Permit with a termination form provided by the Registrar's Office.
  4. Students are expected to terminate all immigration procedures in the event of graduation.

    Required Procedures for the Student Work Permit Extension 
  1. Applications should be made to the Registrar's Office with a student certificate, a valid student permit and a passport.
  2. For international students, a work permit extension form is prepared and duration of the student permit is extended.
    Ex: 30/09/16 – 30/09/2017 student permit
           30/09/16 – 30/09/2017 student work permit
  3. The student is required to terminate the mentioned permits if s/he graduates before the student permit and the student work permit expire.
  4. After the completion of all doctoral courses, doctoral students' student statuses are no-longer valid during the period of publication. Therefore, doctoral students should go abroad before their student permits expire and should return back to the island after their student permit expires. Then, such students should apply and obtain a STANDARD WORK PERMIT.

    If the student does not complete the Entrance and Exit procedures, s/he will be fined.
    Ex: 30/09/2017 is the last day of the student permit, if the student has not graduated yet and is still in the publication period, s/he must go out of the country and come back as s/he cannot get a student permit and a student certificate. If the student goes abroad after the immigration permit expires, then s/he must pay a fine.

    International students must cancel their student permits as of graduation date. Otherwise; 
    Ex: 26/07/2017 is the date of graduation. The valid student permit expires on 30/09/2017, if the student does not cancel the permit, goes abroad and comes backs to the island prior to 30/09/2017, s/he will be granted a permanent visa. But the student cannot work with a permanent visa. Although changes on visas can be applied until 30/09/2017, any attempts to make changes as of 01/10/2017 will be subject to fines and no retroactive visa changing procedures can be applied. 

    International, Course Based, Special Contracted Academic Staff (DÖSAP) – Standard Procedures
    A one-year contract is settled with international DÖSAP personnel. DÖSAP personnel, who are not assigned any duties for the summer term, are required to cancel their work permits from Nicosia Center for Work Permit with a cease-of-employment declaration provided by the Directorate for Personnel Affairs, before they travel abroad. Otherwise, on their return to the island, police will grant a standard visa due to the immigration permit. Because of this situation, people experience problems when they apply for a new work permit. 
    Ex: 05/10/16 – 05/10/17, a 1 year work permit is granted. No duties are assigned for the summer term. The employee goes off duty on 15/07/17 and the work permit is not cancelled. 
    On 26/09/2017 the employee is re-assigned to duty however s/he can't work as the previous (not cancelled) work permit is clashing with the new one. No actions can be taken.


International DÖSAP personnel, who have not taken part in summer term and have to travel abroad due to an emergency without cancelling their work permit before they travel, must inform the police officers on their return to the island that their previous work permit is not valid. Otherwise, a new work permit is not granted.


  1. Cancellation of student permits as of the graduation date is a must.
  2. International staff who decide to go abroad at the end of the semester or before, must cancel their work permits from Nicosia Center for Work Permit before they travel. Thus, they can get a tourist visa on their return to the island. Otherwise, a new work permit is not granted.
  3. Relevant law and regulations are available at and websites.
  4. Law regarding resident permit is available at